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Herb received both his BFA and his MFA in Sculpture: his bachelor’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his master’s from the Cranbrook Academy of Art.  He also studied Sculpture at the Skowhegan School in Maine and Glass at the Toledo Museum of Art.


He is currently an independent studio artist and Professor Emeritus after 40 years as the Glass Department Chairman, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan.


His work is represented in galleries, museums and collections both nationally and internationally.  His work includes large scale, municipal public art projects.  Herb has a diverse body of work.  His sculpture background is predominately metal fabrication.  


With the Pillared Series he juxtaposes the traditional materials of metal and stone: they anchor while glass draws the viewer in and through.  Glass provides a visual passage through mass and seduces with the use of light and radiant color.  Herb uses the equilibrium of the Pillared Series to assemble materials in precarious balance as a metaphor for life.  The pieces from this series reference geology,  movement and, especially, as in ballet: a relevé.


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